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The Hijab

I’ve too many excuses for not wearing the hijab even though deep in my heart, I know that to be closer to Allah (swt), my one and only focus should be on Him and not about anything this Dunya has to offer ie my looks, my earrings etc. 

I wish that I’ve the courage to overcome my shallowness, the lure of the Dunya, the dependence for other people’s acceptance..

For hijab-wearers, what was the turning point where you decide to wear a hijab?

The Muslims are Coming!!!!!

Shock. Horror. Scream. 


Friend or foe? A common dilemma in a Muslimah’s life

I think all of us agree that friends become friends when we ‘click’ with each other, in terms of values, morals, character etc. Sometimes  you can’t explain what exactly makes you click. But it’s there.

If you had:

A. Friends who are non-Muslims or  not devout Muslims BUT you click so well with them somehow. They are, in essence, good people who are simply living a non-Islamic lifestyle. They know you are trying to be a better Muslim. They try to give that show of respect to you but deep inside, you are aware that they don’t…not really.

B. Friends who are devout Muslims but somehow, they do not click well with you. Some can be really mean individuals (ie gossips, backbites) despite their more ‘devout’ stature. There are those who are simply beautiful and there is no question of whether they are a friend or foe.. however, you don’t ‘click’ as much with them as those friends in Set A and you seriously do not know why. It has nothing to do with their ‘religiousness’ because that is one of the wonderful things about these friends you would never rid of. 

Which set of friends, assuming that you want to be led to the right path, will you choose? What are your reasons for it?


~How Do You Feel About This~


Muslimahs how do you feel living around non-muslims? Do you feel out of place considering they are naked? Would you like to live in an all muslim country or a non-muslim counrty? Answer If you want.

I’m actually very hesitant to display too much of my own beliefs - I don’t want to be questioned by Him later on if I happened to influence others away from the Truth! InsyaAllah I won’t and may He forgive me if I do…here goes.

Bismillah. Ahem :P

I was born in a non-Muslim country. As much as I would love to live in a Muslim country, my whole family is here. Unless they are willing to uproot themselves with me, I would most likely be staying here forever. Would I prefer to live in a Muslim country? Of course! I guess I don’t feel as strongly about this as I should be because of my family. Home is where the heart is..then again, I’ve no idea what Allah (swt) plans for me.

Now, seeing that I’d always lived around non-Muslims, have really close friends who are non-Muslims and interact with them everyday, I would say that I feel comfortable. Most accept me as I am. If they don’t, they usually avoid me which I’m completely fine with. I don’t get bothered by such trivial things. I respect them just like I respect my fellow Muslims. They’re all Allah’s creations.

Moreover, I know Allah is protecting me from those who are of bad influence to me. I felt it all my life subhanAllah. For example, my non-Muslim best friends are relatively traditional - those who don’t go clubbing, don’t drink (or rarely drink), don’t believe in premarital sex etc. This makes it easier for me. I grew up in a very tough neighbourhood (think, police sirens almost every other night) but somehow, never got into the ‘bad crowd’. The ‘gangstas’ in my neighbourhood all knew me but somehow, never tried to lure me (and only me) to join them. It’s all by His grace, I’m sure.

There are times when there is a clash of cultures. For example, I eat only halaal food which means that I only eat in places where it is approved by the governmental group in charge of Muslim affairs. My friends don’t. We try to compromise - we will all eat in a halaal restaurant or eat at food courts where there will be some halaal stalls available for me. If all else fails, I’d just drink juice, enjoy my time with them and after that, stop somewhere for halaal delicacies.

With regards to their choice of clothing…I accept them. This is different from condoning it. I don’t agree with them. I just accept them the way they are. I live my life, they live theirs. Nobody but Allah can change that. And I believe that you are not changing (much of) anything by outwardly or inwardly hating their ‘nakedness’. It’s just pray to Him. If I believe in my basic human right to wear my type of clothing, then they reserve their right as well.

My non-Muslim friends do ask me why it is so important for me to cover myself - they say, it’s no big deal, it’s just a body and furthermore, when you have beauty, flaunt it! I will reply, yes it IS no big deal to expose my skin - if it is such a big deal, I just might do it. It’s so prevalent that there is not much value to it anymore. When I have beauty and flaunt it, it suggests arrogance and that I’m showing off. I don’t find either characteristics appealing and it is a constant struggle to avoid these characteristics. It’s my own mini jihad. 

What I’m trying to say here is that…to me, it all depends on your imaan (by keeping your prayers and seeking protection by Him), your positive attitude and how you live your life. You can try to be a good Muslim anywhere you are. I believe the stronger your imaan is and the more focused you are in your intentions, the conditions of your dunya won’t falter your footsteps toward jannah insyaAllah!

If there is anything wrong that I say, the mistake is all mine. And everything else that is good, that’s all from Him, alhamdulillah.

A Flashback

The first time I saw Muslims drink alcohol was only about 3 years ago, while I was still a student working part-time.

They clinked their plastic cups of vodka together and flipped their heads back to take it in.

One of the girls burped. “Alhamdullilah”, she said.

They laughed.

I looked away and felt my throat dangerously closing up.

I held back the tears.

I wanted to go home.

Don’t complain please

If you’re one of those who managed to fast today, please don’t complain about how difficult your fast is.

You’re one of those blessed by Allah to carry out such a rewarding task. Some Muslims are simply not so lucky.

Smile and say Alhamdulillah for every struggle..for you will be duly rewarded in Jannah inshaAllah.