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The Hijab

I’ve too many excuses for not wearing the hijab even though deep in my heart, I know that to be closer to Allah (swt), my one and only focus should be on Him and not about anything this Dunya has to offer ie my looks, my earrings etc. 

I wish that I’ve the courage to overcome my shallowness, the lure of the Dunya, the dependence for other people’s acceptance..

For hijab-wearers, what was the turning point where you decide to wear a hijab?

Hijabi & the Cosmetics

While praying Maghrib at the mosque the other day, I noticed a hijabi lady piling on a lot of make-up (thick kohl eyeliner, fake eyelashes, Marilyn-Monroe-esque lipstick etc), presumably right after she was done with her prayers.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but I thought that upon wearing the hijab, minimal make-up should be used?

The 'hot' hijabi conundrum

  • Friend: Don't you feel hot under a hijab?
  • Me: (jokingly) Well, I don't want to brag but yeah I'm hot.
  • Friend: (fake laugh) But you're right, you're prettier without hijab.
  • Me: I was just joking but thank you.
  • Friend: Thank you??
  • Me: Yup.
  • Friend: I just said you're prettier without hijab on..
  • Me: Ok so when my future husband sees me without the hijab, hopefully he'll be like (puts on deep voice), whoa you're hot.
  • Friend: .....
  • Me: Then I'd be like, surpriiiise!
  • Friend: ......
  • This is a preview of how it'll be like for me as a full-time hijabi, I guess.
  • Bring it on.

Dear fellow Muslimahs..

please know you are beautiful in your own way.

Knowing that Allah (swt) created all of us as very unique individuals and that everything deemed as ‘imperfect’ by you is a creation of Allah (swt),

knowing that no matter what you do to improve your looks, that there will always be someone who finds you not up to their standards (their loss, not yours),

knowing that there is always someone out there who will find you exceptionally beautiful just as you are (yes, even without make-up!),

knowing that such an obsessive attitude towards beauty does not present a good example to the younger generation of Muslimahs around you,

knowing that the only opinion that matters is Allah’s (swt) opinion of you,


why should we lower our integrity, dignity and righteousness and change our looks drastically, just to please other human beings who are just as imperfect as you?

The Bikini Hijabi Conundrum

  • Friend: I'm going to wear my bikini on our beach holiday. You too, right?
  • Me: What, bikini with my hijab?
  • Friend: Oops.

I won’t ever forget a conversation I had with a colleague who admits herself to be agnostic.

She asked me why I’d decided to wear the hijab. She said she was curious about this because I seem like a very modern girl. Is it because I was scared of the clients we see everyday and want to protect myself (my clients have criminal records)?

I laughed.

I told her she is partially right. I do want to protect myself. Not from my clients, no. But from everything that is bad for me as a practicing Muslimah. And I explained that I’d been wanting to do this for years after reading the Quran with an open heart and mind. The wearing of the veil is a direct instruction from God and I believe He knows best, not me. I can rationalise the wearing of the hijab to death but bottom line, I’m doing this because He says so.

My colleague looked to be in awe. She said she admired people with such strong beliefs. She believes in morality. Without morality, there can be no love. Without love, there will be no life. There can’t be life without some kind of higher power. And here I am submitting myself to this higher power. She said she greatly admires that.

MasyaAllah! She doesn’t know this but she is one of those people who are blessed with the ability to understand this. Not everyone can connect the dots the way she does.

InsyaAllah the both of us will never lose this part of us. May we always remain as the people of understanding. Ameen.

The Hijabi Training Course Conundrum

  • Friend: I thought the training course takes years to complete. I didn't even know you were taking it!
  • Me: Taking what?
  • Friend: That degree course you must take before you're allowed to wear a hijab, of course.
  • Me: -,-"
  • She later said a Muslim friend told her this. I think she must've misunderstood her. I HOPE she misunderstood her. Cos if there is a degree for it, I'm officially an underqualified hijabi.