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it’s inevitable

I hereby announce this blog or, as I prefer to call it, self-love/hate page open. 

Does every Tumblr creation needs a reason to its existence? Because I sure as hell can’t think of why mine exists.

The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits. ~ Albert Camus

Shhh, Albert. Not so loud. Nobody wants to know that almost everything they do in life is to get out of the rut that is boredom. 

And this quote is SO not an accurate description of me.

C’mon now, I can think of at least 10 things I do that has nothing to do with avoiding boredom.

No wait, make that 7.

Ok ok, 5.







Fine. 2.

1. Learning, loving, understanding life through my faith, Islam.

2. Finding out just who the hell I really am deep inside. 

What is life without questions? Ah there it goes again.

- me

The Hijab

I’ve too many excuses for not wearing the hijab even though deep in my heart, I know that to be closer to Allah (swt), my one and only focus should be on Him and not about anything this Dunya has to offer ie my looks, my earrings etc. 

I wish that I’ve the courage to overcome my shallowness, the lure of the Dunya, the dependence for other people’s acceptance..

For hijab-wearers, what was the turning point where you decide to wear a hijab?


Me rolling around on the carpeted floor as a grandparent read the Quran. I was 4 or 5 years old. I remember feeling so safe and secure and very much loved. I remember the smell of… comfort (the familiar powder worn by my grandma?) and.. the sound of faith (there was an alarm clock which alerted prayer times).


Do not covet what Allah (swt) has conferred more abundantly on some of you than others

4: 32, The Holy Quran

If all Muslims follow these glorious words, the phrase ‘its a dog-eat-dog world’ will be less applicable to real life. The phrase ‘keep up with the Joneses’ may also be on its way to becoming obsolete. There would be lesser people with depression.

Oh, the mind boggles with the endless possibilities. 

Muslim pick-up line


Is your dad a terrorist cause your the bomb ;)

LOL, my sister said this to me today.

Oh gosh, is it wrong to find this funny  too???